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What is Chinese Metaphysics?

My personal drive to study the three main disciplines of Chinese metaphysics called:
Bazi – Four pillars of destiny, | ZE RI – personal date selection | Feng Shui was to discover why people born on the same day, in the same place, may not always reach their true potential.

Theoretically all people should be equipped with the same skills, abilities and talents. Each should succeed equally when attempting to achieve similar goals, yet there is only one Bill Gates or Zuckerberg, who managed to build their financial empire.

Whilst a person with a limited capacity could accomplish many achievements, thanks to his hard work and positive attitude towards his life. The person with the capacity to do great things may equally squander his potential, by choosing to sleep all day at home.
Knowing limits, which could never be achieved, would save many people a lot of heartbreak, disappointment, unhappiness and frustration.

Chinese Masters used to say that Bazi is a Diagnosis but Feng Shui is like prescription. Feng shui helps to fasten and magnify what a person’s capacity in life is. It’s equivalent to the fortune telling of the house, through observation of its appearance, direction and location in the immediate environment.

A person’s potential capacity in life, is called Destiny in Chinese Metaphysics (BAZI).

Each individual on this planet is born with certain capacity in life called a life path. This capacity governs a person’s potential, leading to the results of actions and achievements in life.

When a person’s capacity is properly analyzed and understood, then it is possible to assist him properly, either through advice using Bazi on how to act and when to act. Or through Feng Shui on how to enhance his ability to fulfil his potential.

It is through utilising the combination of Bazi and Feng Shui, that one may be able to not only comprehend one’s potential, but also facilitate the manifestation of that potential in a particular place.

My goal is to assist you to discover your true potential and limits to avoid perils and downfalls in life.

Marta holistic healer Glastonbury

Feng Shui helps you:


Discover your favorable directions and areas at home to sleep, eat and work.
Enabling one to manifest their potential.

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