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Eastern astrology – BAZI

Our destiny called by Chinese as Heaven Luck could be ascertained through analysis of person’s Bazi (birth chart) based upon information of the precise birth time.

Decoding an individual’s destiny means:

  • Discovering a person’s character, nature, behavior and potential
  • Investigating the life path or destiny of a person
  • Investigating  wealth, relationships, career and health potential
  • Exploring the future through 10-year cycles, annual cycles
  • Studying of a particular event that occurs or will occur at place and time

Bazi translates our birth information – a person’s Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth into four pairs of specific Chinese characters called Jia Zi. Four pairs form Eight Characters. Each pair is also known as a pillar, therefore the name Four Pillars. The Eight Characters are made up of Yin and Yang variations of the Five Elements (wood, water, Metal, Fire and Earth).

By making the structure of your personal Bazi I will help you to understand, with significant accuracy and great detail, your character, nature and life path. It will be beneficial for you in terms of acceleration performance at work, strengthening talents and potential and making informed decisions based on forecasts of your upcoming cycle of luck.

A Bazi Birth Chart is comprised of Four Pillars. Each pillar consists of two characters – one is at the top, one at the bottom. The top one is known as a Heavenly stem and the bottom is Earthly Branch. Chart has four sets of characters – Four Heavenly Stems and Four Earthly Branches. A Perfect Bazi birth chart should have a balance between five elements: Metal, wood, Water, Fire and Earth and has harmonious flow of Qi between Heaven and Earth.

A good Bazi chart should indicate harmony between the elements, whilst a bad chart is elementally imbalanced. If a chart is enough balanced, the person will enjoy good fortune and the bumps in life will just be bumps. If a chart is off balance, then a person’s fortune will not be smooth and bumps in life will seem more like mountains.

Bazi enables me to know what kind of luck you may go through and whether that luck is beneficial or not. There are 3 Levels of Luck: Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. Heaven Luck refers to what is God given, It is fixed at birth and can not be controlled or changed by man. Heaven’s will is what decides when we are born, where we are born, who is our family, what race we are and what background and unbringing we will have. Heaven Luck in essence is our Destiny.

Let me guide you and reveal secrets of your destiny. I need the place where you were born and date with precise time to plot your birth chart!

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