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Healing session with detox equipment

Detox equipment is another good technology device based upon invention of Rife’s generator and Oscylator by Lakhovsky. It emits plasmatic field enabling decay of all toxins especially after use of bio-rezonator. They work complementary to each other. It eliminates everything what was not removed in the process of pathogens killing such us: viruses, bacteria, fungus and other toxins. It has got incorporated timer that shuts itself off automatically when the whole session is done.

Proven to work well with:

  • Detoxification process
  • Improving general well being
  • Benefiting a large number of serious health conditions
  • Killing all parasites, harmful bacteria and viruses

This detox equipment is now commonly used by individuals, families and health practitioners. Has been used alongside the best natural therapies and professional treatments and has shown that as part of a total wellness program it can be highly beneficial. Many practitioners and individuals have reported that their conditions have improved or symptoms have simply disappeared after using this modern equipment.

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