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Healing session with bio-rezonator

Bio-rezonator is a small equipment based upon invention of Dr Huldy Clark. Her discovery that small pathogens living in human body emit radio waves and specific frequencies helped to developed zapping technique of selectively electrocuting small organism. After working for many years on how to get rid of different pathogen she was able to describe all frequencies of living parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungus and other toxins.

Bio-rezonator that I use during session is based upon the same technique what zapper of Huldy Clark. For more information please go to:

It does not need to have a specific frequency to get rid of small pathogens, as it is, contrary to a frequency generator, frequency-independent. It is battery operated and also has another useful function, that reactivates our white blood cells so that they can go on an “invader hunt” on their own and kill them all  This bio-rezonator has got incorporated timer that shut off automatically when the zapper session is done. It takes usually 3 minutes. It proved to be very helpful for people with oncologic problems.

Are there any side-effects from zapping? No. Everybody can use it except people that wear a pace-maker and pregnant women.

This session with bio-rezonator with three frequencies spectrum is a complementary to my other treatments.

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bio-rezonator Marta holistic healer Glastonbury

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