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I Ching reading

The I Ching reading that I do remotely will give you the insight to any problem you struggle with or help you to make important decisions in your life. I have been practicing this kind of divination for some years, studying the depth of different subjects of Chinese metaphysics, interlinked, such as: Feng Shui, Eastern astrology (BAZI)and personal date selection (ZERI).

What is I-Ching?

I Ching is an ancient Chinese system of divination that is one of the oldest in the world, intelligent, profound, sophisticated and often uncannily accurate.

The central idea behind the I Ching is that everything is in constant change, and by studying these changes we can recognize significant patterns in our lives with regard to all human affairs. All change can be understood in terms of the relationship between Yang and Yin and when these two opposite forces are balanced, then life is harmonious. Excessive Yang or excessive Yin can bring conflict, imbalance and intolerance.

They continually interact and create change, giving the base to the theory of the five elements, sometimes known as the Five Transformations (fire, earth, metal, water and wood).

Any combination of Yin and Yang lines creates a basic trigram called Gua. Each of 8 trigrams has got a name, symbolism, an attribute, an element, an image, an associated family member, a direction and a number.

A hexagram is built up of two trigrams giving a total of six lines. These two halves of hexagram are called the upper or external trigram, and the lower or internal trigram. There are 64 versions of these combinations of trigrams.

How I-Ching works?

Did you know that as an oracle method I-Ching gets the answers that are within your human psyche?

By investigation and exploration of the wisdom residing in your unconscious mind it provides very insightful solutions to problems you may be facing right now.

Every reading will deepen your understanding of the present situation and possible outcomes depending on the actions that you are prepared to take.

For me the I-Ching has been a lifelong study, enabling me to use this ancient, oriental wisdom in my daily life, significantly improving its quality…

I combine the classical method, which is a very intuitive one, with method that puts emphasis on the timing of certain events and actions. This fascinating combination will give you an accurate and deep insight into potential outcome of the reality you have to face.

What kind of questions could be asked and consulted by I-Ching?

Some questions work better than others, the clearer you are what to ask about the easier you will find to understand and benefit from the given answer.

It should be an intentional and conscious act of consulting the Oracle so that you know why you are asking (in order to make a decision, take actions towards the goal, clarify the present situation).

You can either ask for insight, advice or prediction for instance: what is happening in my life now?, what can I do about…? what will be the outcome if I…do something or continue on the same as before?

Asking for ‘yes” or ‘no” response does not work, neither asking about alternatives in one question.

Any question (trivial or more spiritual) that relates to your life path, business, career, family life, love life can be posed. Here are some examples:

– What is my purpose in life?

– What would be the result if I invest in this venture?

– Will my sales improve this year? Or What changes should I expect at work?

How to do it? – if you prefer tossing coins on your own….

Take three coins which show Head on one side and Tail on the other. Concentrate on the subject of interest. For example, you may want to know whether your business will improve in the near future.

Transfer your thought to the coins and throw them on the table. Record the result. It will be one of the four:

HHH All three are heads
HHT Two heads and one tail (order unimportant)
TTH Two tails and one head (order unimportant)
TTT All three are tails

Repeat the experiment six times and record the results

I Ching – Sample Readings

Sample Marta

Marta asked about her business she is involved in. The outcomes of her experiment were:

(1)    HHT (2) HTT (3) HHH (4) HHH (5) HHT (6) HTT

Please ask yourself a question and throw the coins six times sending me the outcome to be interpreted in email.

I will send you interpretation back within some hours.

You can either toss the coins or send me the question you want to ask I-Ching.

You are welcome to experience the benefits from my I Ching reading if you want guidance on important decisions in your life or just to get the answers to question you have. The only way to find out whether the I-Ching actually works is to try it out for yourself.

How much is it?

The price is: £35 answer to 1 question, £50 answer to max. 2 questions (interpretation will be sent in email within 24 h)

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Eight Trigrams

64 hexagrams Marta holistic healer Glastonbury

64 Hexagrams

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