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Modern Methods

Did you know that parasites and other pathogens can cause deep damage to our immune system. Their presence in the human body is not readily associated with common conditions, yet they may be the underlying cause.

There is an absolute need to remove all pathogens on regular basis, if you want to maintain the status quo, or improve your health. It is difficult to remove pathogens using prescribed clinical medicines, which rather tend to make people weaker, as a side-effect.

Human species are now heavily infected with parasites, due to our lifestyles. Globalization has compounded this, in addition to decreasing levels of fresh food consumption.

The most efficient way to get rid off pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, is do this electronically. By using advanced bio-rezonator and detox equipment, which target parasites on a frequency specific basis. We may be parasites, without any side effects, caused by chemical ingestion.

The most common parasites in human bodies are those belonging to three main groups, such as protozoa, helminthes, ectoprasites. Although they are very tiny organisms living in our body, they are fed on our vitamins, proteins and nutrients, and the release of their toxic bacteria has an impact on our body’s overall toxicity level.

Some parasites such as flukes are linked to cancer, as they attach themselves to human tissues, and release from 25000 to 50000 eggs per day.

One type of parasite called Ascaris is associated with so many physical symptoms such as herpes, eczema, psoriasis, joint and muscle disorders, allergies, swollen eyelids, indigestion and inflammation, anemia, coxsackie virus, adenovirus, mycobacterium, and mumps. Its larval stages are also associated with lung disorder, seizures and asthma.

The same harmful effect on our health, applies to the presence in human cells, of a few species of bacteria. They can cause infectious diseases, deliver pain and undesired symptoms such as gas, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, tiredness, loss of appetite, night sweats, insomnia and many others…

Unlike some bacteria, all viruses are infectious, also being associated with various types of cancers. They tend to invade different organs and could be removed by zapping, using the bio-rezonator. The specific frequency of the electrical current, may kill viruses efficiently. The rest can be eliminated in a short period of time, such as hours or days by your own cells.

Heavy metals which are found in many foods, tap water, beauty-care products, dental fillings etc. also create physical problems as they build up.
Parasites, bacteria and viruses use them to prosper and thrive and then expel them. Therefore is so important to strengthen our immune system, so that our body could remove them in a natural way, using large doses of vitamin C, when our organism is free from all other toxins caused by pathogens.

Using my health equipment you can not only detect parasites in your body, but also eliminate them in a painless, non-chemical and efficient way!

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bio-rezonator Marta holistic healer Glastonbury

Health Technology

Our technology performs a 10 minute non-invasive diagnostic scan
This produces a unique 40 page printable report

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Health Technology

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