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Personal Date Selection

The Art of Date Selection is called Ze Ri and is an integral part of Chinese metaphysics, combining the knowledge gathered throughout centuries by Chinese astronomers, astrologers and through historical observation.

Personal Date Selection is the kind of service that will support you in making right choices in the right time. The Chinese viewpoint is that space is Yin, while the time is Yang and is not perceive as linear, yet time has got a cyclical quality. The concept of the Cosmic Trinity is that Heaven Luck (person’s destiny), Earth Luck (person’s environment) and Man Luck (individual choices, decision and personal endeavours) influence people’s destiny equally in 33%. Date Selection play the main role in choosing best dates for certain activities, when the energies are most conductive for particular endeavours undertaken to achieve certain goals.

I can help you to choose the right dates for:

  1. Marriage
  2. Business negotiations
  3. Traveling
  4. Minor medical procedures
  5. Moving house
  6. Starting a new job
  7. Opening of business
  8. Purchase or sell property
  9. Start the diet
  10. Contract signing

All above mentioned personal activities affect and impact person’s life significantly therefore only good dates should be used that I am happy to help you with.

How To Book

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