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Rune Readings

I have over 7 years of experience with working with Celtic runes, giving insight to many people to their deepest existential problems they have encountered on their life path. Among positive feedback from clients are some really appreciative comments on how I helped initiate change of trajectory in their lives. Some of them went through “catharsis” process within one hour and the gains of this transformative therapy were much more beneficial than they could ever have expected. Knowing your life purpose and lessons that need to be learnt makes it easier to embrace your destiny and navigate your life through its sophisticated meanders.

Why working with Runes is so important?

Rune Readings reconnect you with your inner resources and wisdom, relieve stress, heal and clear blockages in your life.

When should you turn to runes for guidance?

Rune Readings can help when you:

  • Need some insight to a problem whether physical, emotional, material or spiritual
  • Want to check your own intuition and let it guide you through complicated labyrinth of life
  • Desire to experience the power of magic
  • Need to understand your potential, skills and useful abilities
  • Have important decision to make (job, partner, lover)
  • Want to understand more about your own power and how you can step into it

Each individual Magic Rune Reading is available on skype, my nickname is: martawroblewska2

How To Book

You can send us an Email to request an appointment by using the Request Booking page or
You can telephone me using numbers to right in the Contact Details section.