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Benefits of sound therapy


Sound has long been known as a potent source of healing. In fact, it is of the highest order in terms of its effect on humans, both on the physical and metaphysical levels.

Sound frequency is now recognized as an extremely efficient healing modality, and is used in a wide range of applications within the fields of conventional and complementary medicine. The power of sound can energize, uplift and relax. Body tuning is an effective way to align your inner rhythms and achieve optimal health and well-being.

Many ancient civilizations and modern indigenous cultures have used sound to heal and access higher levels of consciousness for thousands of years. We are vibrational beings, each with our own root frequency. When we are in tune with that frequency, we are centered, grounded and more present.

We can easily get distracted from our own frequency, with all the noise we encounter outside of us, as well as our own inner noise and repetitive thoughts. Using tuning forks, singing bowls, and different other musical instruments we are able to regain our frequency and our bodies naturally find their balance. When we are in tune with our Higher-Self and Universe we experience wellness.

If you experience anxiety, depression or physical pain. Or you feel like getting stuck in unhealthy patterns, caused by emotional traumas…
This therapy is for you! Come and benefit from it!

Tuning Forks Therapy is a new vibrational medicine that encompasses knowledge about sound and wisdom, used by Chinese practices such as acupressure and acupuncture.

This treatment is a harmonious way to diminish anxiety, as well as physical pain. It can easily release you from stuck energy patterns, past traumas, unhealthy habits or even mental disorder.

It gives clarity of thoughts and a quieter mind, enhancing creativity and self-confidence. Sound therapy creates an overall feeling of balance, promoting better and deeper sleep.

Marta holistic healer Glastonbury

Tuning Fork Therapy


Non-invasive vibrational therapy that heals Body, Mind & Spirit
Founded upon Chinese practices such as acupuncture and acupressure

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Sound Healing Services

A selection of my sound therapies

Tuning Forks Therapy

By |December 7th, 2017|

Tuning forks therapy for adults. Tuning Forks Therapy is a powerful, non-invasive healing technique that uses sound vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field. It has been used successfully to treat a wide variety of conditions by unblocking or releasing energy

Sound Bath

By |December 7th, 2017|

Sound bath for adults and kids Sound has many positive effects on both conscious and unconscious levels, often evoking emotional responses. It has a counterbalancing action upon the physical and emotional states of the body and mind. The power of sound, for instance,

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Sound Therapy with tuning forks | Marta explains about this treatment

Before each session I will ask you serious of questions about your medical history and any current health problems.
Then I will adapt the treatment accordingly, using relaxing or stimulating sounds to re-balance your body – using different sets of tuning forks with particular frequencies to work on the defined problem.
Then you will be asked to lay down on the couch for 1 h up to 1.5 h (depending on the kind of session – either with reflexology or without).

Sound therapy is a complementary medicine designed to work alongside orthodox medicine.
Whether you come for a regular tune-up or relaxation session, or have a chronic long-term illness, sound could help you to enjoy a better quality of life. It helps with depression, anxiety and arthritis.

Tuning Forks Therapy helps not only to cure physical illness, but also balances the emotions and quietens a busy mind. The most frequent feeling that people can experience is a calming down effect and relaxation. For some, this feeling will last several days.

Pregnant women are not advised to undertake Tuning Fork Therapy, as certain tones/frequencies may unsettle the baby.
People with serious mental health problems should avoid these treatments, as they may become overstimulated.

There are different sets of Tuning Forks being used for different purposes such as:

  • To repair DNA structure
  • To restore functioning of organs
  • To help lose the weight
  • To open your soul to the Angelic Kingdom
  • For detoxification and chakra clearing
  • To heal almost 250 different illnesses
  • Gold to improve brain function
  • Silver as natural antibiotic
  • Platinum that fights bacteria

The spectrum of different frequencies is quite wide from 32 Hz to 4200 Hz depending on the purpose of the treatment.
To find out more about purposes and effect achieved during therapy please go to: Tuning Fork Therapy.

The tuning forks are made of a special aluminum alloy, and are designed to give rich overtones, having warmth and depth.
They also have long ringing decay times so that the note is sustained as long as possible, from its initial phase of loudness to the very delicate phase, as the note subsides into an all pervading silence at the end.

Tuning Forks application:

The tuning forks are held in the hands, making direct contact with the palms. Used in this way they act as a carrier, channeling therapist’s own healing energy into the forks and through into the sound being generated at the fork tips.

The application of the sound therapy can be greatly enhanced by the intent of therapist or focus on the problem that is being addressed at the time.

The tuning fork sound energy can be administered in a very focused point, like a laser onto very specific parts of the body, such as directly over the main organs or areas of pain and discomfort.

Yes, a therapist must be fully qualified to do this treatment, because it encompasses knowledge about sound, combined with the wisdom of Chinese practices, such as acupressure and acupuncture.

Regain your natural Harmony!

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